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Why promote us?

Maybe you are asking yourself, why the hell should I promote YOU? Here is WHY:

  • You get 10% commision on every purchase that happens thanks to your link

  • We are clear and transparent on how much you will get, commision is 10% is from whole order (not some 50% of profit with no idea how much the profit really is)

  • Our goal is to become number one in selling tickets for Asia region

  • We want to have happy clients which will on next holiday buy tickets again from us

  • What does it mean for you? We are your long term partner and will be here always for you.

  • Cookie is valid for 30 days

  • Our website has high conversion rate which leads to more sales and always working on improving it

  • We provide you with tips and best practices how to earn more money

  • Average order is 85 USD and person on holiday travel couple times (on my last holiday I bought tickets 7 times)

  • We focus on selling Boat and Ferries tickets in Asia, most sales we do in Bali and Indonesia

Become our partner

It is very easy:

  1. Sign up for the program today and get 6$ Sign up Bonus

  2. Under "Campaigns" find the campaign

  3. Copy your unique affiliate link

  4. Place it:

    • to your website or blog 

    • to e-mail, you can send to people who might be interester (please do not spam!)

    • to your Facebook profile, under your YouTube video, to your Instagram story or any other social media

  5. Once somebody buy ticket via your link you get 10% commision

TIP: best results you get by sharing your personal experience with our services or reason you recommend it


Detailed informations about payout:

  • You will get e-mail notification anytime someones buys ticket through your Affiliate link (you get 10% commision)

  • Once your commisions reach 100 USD you can request payment

  • You will get paid via Paypal, please make sure that your login email = to you Paypal email

  • You can easily see your results in system after login

Ideal customer

We made deep investigation and found out this is you Target customer:

  • Single person, couple or group of friends usually without small children (babies)

  • Between 18 and 44 years old

  • Has money, is without obligations and can travel

  • Adventurer, often travels on budget

  • Customer interests: travel, tourism, snorkeling

  • Like to share photos from travels on social networks

  • Mostly buy tickets once is in the final destination 

  • Love travelling and plan to visit Asia


If you have any questions, please contact us at

We are looking forward to our cooperation with you!